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At eVoke Digital We love what we do and are proud to share our work with you!

Red Toll Group


We were tasked to create a whole new digital presence for Red Toll Group which had no presence online. We created a Business Landing Page and Google My Business listing. We worked extensively on the SEO, creating over 20 back links. We also curated 5 impactful blog posts to help drive traffic.

Red Toll Group - eVoke Digital - Portfolio

Sky Jobs


We performed a technical SEO audit on the job platform skyjobs.co.bw. From the several flaws identified, we worked to fix the Headlines, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions of each page. We added Job Schema to allow search engines to pickup job listings. We wrote 20 blog articles around careers, CV and employment. Overall our efforts resulted in 3X increase in daily traffic for Sky Jobs.

Sky Jobs - eVoke Digital - Portfolio
Nthekelehoo Portfolio eVoke Digital 3



We have successfully created Nthekelehoo.co.bw, an online platform dedicated to providing top-notch concierge freight forwarding services. Our team has put in tremendous effort to implement effective SEO tactics, ensuring optimal visibility and improved rankings for our website. Through meticulous optimization strategies, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content marketing. As a result, we have successfully attracted a multitude of potential customers who are now eager to utilize the services.

Earnest Printing & Branding


With Earnest Printing & Branding their existing social media presence was a little weak. They engaged us to create a 3 month social media campaign strategy. We got to work rebuilding their Facebook Page, Instagram and introducing them to LinkedIn. We created a series of stories and posts for Earnest Printing & Branding resulting in more than 400% increase in user engagement during the period.

Earnest Printing & Branding - eVoke Digital - Portfolio

Motion Art Films


The talented Motion Art Films wanted to established a strong digital presence and simple landing page showcasing their services, portfolio and existing clients. We got to work building a captivating Business Landing Page and worked on their Search Engine Optimization.

Motion Art Films - eVoke Digital - Portfolio
El Imperio Portfolio eVoke Digital

El Imperio


We worked with El Imperio to develop a highly responsive corporate website that could effectively showcase the clients company secretarial services to potential customers. We delivered an exceptional website that included clear call-to-actions, user-friendly sign-up forms, and compelling testimonials, all of which have helped El Imperio to better connect with potential customers and grow their business.

Di Spane


We built the Di Spane CV platform from the ground up. First of its kind in Botswana. We implemented a shopping cart and eCommerce checkout to the website to allow visitors to be able to book for CV creation services online. We also tied in common payment methods of Botswana including Orange Money and Pay2cell for easier facilitation. Overall the Di Spane team was pleased.

Di Spane - eVoke Digital - Portfolio
Junik - eVoke Digital - Portfolio

Junik – Just Unique


At eVoke Digital, we had the pleasure of working with Junik Fashion to establish their online eCommerce store. Our team crafted a visually stunning website that showcased their top fashion items, featuring high-quality images and compelling product descriptions. In addition, we streamlined the shopping process with a user-friendly cart and checkout system, ensuring a seamless experience for customers

Leaf Tech


Our goal was to develop a cutting-edge e-commerce website for Leaf Tech, focusing on delivering a seamless user experience. Our primary objective was to ensure swift loading times and provide users with the option to choose between light and dark themes. To enhance the functionality of the website, we implemented a user-friendly shopping cart system and integrated secure payment gateways. Additionally, we carefully configured the shipping settings to streamline the shipping process for Leaf Tech, making it convenient for both the business and its customers.

Leaf Tech Portfolio eVoke Digital

Lifetime Properties

Work Mails

Lifetime Properties, a real estate agency in Gaborone, Botswana, engaged us to help them set up work mails for their team. We got to work registering their domain and creating professional, high deliverability work mails for their staff. We also created email signatures for them.

Lifetime Properties - eVoke Digital - Portfolio